TriBax 40+ 3-Star Table Tennis Ball Review

TriBax is a trademark of Weener Plastik GmbH, the Germany plastics company who produce the Butterfly G40+. In effect, the TriBax 40+ table tennis ball is simply an in-house branded version of the G40+. It should be exactly the same.

In the meantime, you might like to have a look at the promotional video (above) they have created. It certainly appears that they are trying to build some brand awareness around “TriBax”. They are clearly not content with simply producing Butterfly-branded balls.

Their website is fairly cool too – for a table tennis brand at least. You can find it at!

TriBax 40+ vs Butterfly G40+

We haven’t managed to get our hands on any of the TriBax 40+ balls yet but I have sent them an email, so hopefully we’ll have a full review soon and we will be able to confirm whether or not these balls are indeed identical to the Butterfly G40+. If they are, this could be a great way to save money on the German-made Butterfly balls – if TriBax decide to sell their balls for less.

I just heard back from TriBax and they confirmed that their balls are identical to the Butterfly G40+. The only difference is the logo.

To learn more about the Butterfly G40+ 3-Star ball please check out our review. We decided it was better to keep everything there, instead of duplicating it across both balls.


The TriBax 40+ 3-star balls are not currently on sale. However, you can buy the Butterfly G40+ 3-Star from;

Or why not check out our favourite 40+ plastic ball, the Nittaku Premium!

  • A pack of 3 balls costs €7.50 (€2.50 per ball)
  • (US): A pack of 6 balls costs $17.50 ($2.92 per ball)
  • A pack of 3 balls costs $7.49 ($2.50 per ball)
  • A pack of 3 balls costs £6.50 (£2.17 per ball)

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Have you used the TriBax 40+ ball yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.