Tibhar Evolution FX-S Table Tennis Rubber Review

The Tibhar FX-S is one of the newest additions to the Evolution series rubbers by Tibhar. It is a variant of the Evolution FX-P. Tibhar claims that this is an improved version of the FX-P.

Tibhar Evolution FX-S

The sponge hardness is medium soft and it is closest to the Donic M3 Bluefire but overall hardness seems to be a bit more firm by a notch or two.

Tibhar Evolution FX-S Review

The Tibhar FX-S is a soft but very bouncy rubber. I paired it with the Paul Drinkhall Series blades alternately and I found it bouncy immediately after testing a forehand to forehand and backhand to backhand drive. It is fast, that I can say, and at times it is faster than the original FX-P.

The difference in speed between the 2 rubbers is not that big. In fact, some people would just say that the speed of the FX-P and FX-S are just about the same. The FX-S being a rubber with soft sponge, would need to have its sponge compressed more to fully utilize it in its speed and spin.

If you are used to using Chinese rubbers or rubbers that are considered medium hardness to medium hard ones, you would need to adjust with the FX-S since brushing the ball against the rubber requires you to compress the sponge more. When you do smashes it is very easy to do so because of the soft sponge.

How It Plays

It sounded loud when I was smashing high balls with it but being a soft rubber, it has its limitations on doing very strong smashes. The soft sponge will allow you to have strong smashes but up only to a point and this is a common occurrence among soft rubbers. If you would apply more power, it is possible for the rubber to bottom out.

On chops or pushes above the table, it was above average. It was spinny but not as spinny as the EL-S. It was easy to flick and do drop shots. When you do spinny loops with the FX-S, you would need to compress or hit through the sponge and then brush the ball to fully produce spin. The rubber itself is spinny but this is the thing that you need to do with a soft sponged rubber.

Tibhar Evolution FX-S

The throw was low. In fact, it was only enough to clear the net. I had to do with some adjustments wherein I had to open my bat a little more and hit more through the sponge. At most, the spin of the FX-S is comparable to that of the Donic Bluefire M3 and nothing more.

Aside from smashing, the other redeeming quality of the FX-S is that it is a good blocking rubber for both forehand and backhand. It blocks well near the table and more so away from the table. You could block heavy topspin attacks with it easily. The soft sponge is not sensitive to incoming spin so the ball does not react much to the topsheet.


At most, I would recommend the Tibhar FX-S to players as a backhand rubber. Maybe new players can use this as a forehand rubber but as they progress, they would need to choose a harder and better rubber for the forehand.

Buy The Rubber

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