Stiga Premium Clipper Table Tennis Net Review

The Stiga Premium Clipper table tennis net is a compact tournament-level net system. Should you consider getting one? What are the pros and cons? In this review, we hope to clear things up and help you make the decision.

Stiga Premium Clipper

Stiga Premium Clipper

The Stiga Premium Clipper sells on for $27.66. This puts it in the mid-low range of net systems you can get. For a tournament level net it does have great value.

The Review


The Stiga Premium Clipper features a premium cotton blend net, heavy-duty steel posts, easy setup and removal with a spring activated clip, tension adjustment with a height measuring tool. It fits a regulation sized table of 60 inches with up to 1-inch table thickness.

The net indicates it is only 66 inches but stretches to regulation 72 when being set up for the correct tension.


The Stiga Premium Clipper‘s premium cotton blend net has great weight and elasticity to it. Giving you a great ‘bounce’ off the net when hit. The tension adjustment is as easy the pull of a string and it’s easy to get the correct tension on the first try without having to stop and adjust it during play. The ability to work on 1-inch thick tables covers most recreational tables out there.


The Stiga Premium Clipper‘s fold-down design for the posts isn’t the best. The more moving parts you have in a net system, the more things can go wrong. It may click closed during play, depending on the tension applied to it on setup, but in mosts cases won’t.

Other Options

If you are based in the UK you can get a great deal on a better net and post system with the Butterfly Clip. It sells on for £19.00.

For the most part, all retractable net and post systems are about the same. It would be up to your brand preference as their performance does not differ that much.

Buy The Net

You can buy the Stiga Premium Clipper from

But if you live in the UK you get a better deal with the Butterfly Clip from

Have you used the Stiga Premium Clipper net system yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.