Stiga Apex Table Tennis Racket Review

The Stiga Apex is one of many table tennis rackets made by Swedish company Stiga – one of the world’s leading table tennis brands. They have a popular range of five premade rackets that are also ITTF approved, which means they are able to be used in competitions.

Stiga Apex

Stiga Apex

The Stiga Apex is sold on for $20.92. This places it on the cheaper side of premade rackets. Stiga created this racket for novice players who are starting their table tennis careers out. The Stiga Apex and Stiga Titan are similar well-rounded rackets but performance could be much better.

The Review

The Stiga Apex racket is made for recreational or beginner players that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new racket but still want a decent paddle with the ability to generate some spin.

Compared to some of its more expensive ancestors, the Stiga Apex handles itself pretty well. This is probably the cheapest ITTF approved racket you’re going to find. It’s also got Rubber: “Drive” inverted with ACS Technology, a concave Italian composite handle, with a 2mm sponge.

The thicker the sponge, the more spring, the more power; the Stiga Apex is designed with increased power in mind, great for novice offensive players. The blade is made out of 5-ply extra light blade, for extra speed in returning shots, great for children who struggle with the heavier paddles.

Overall the Stiga Apex is a novice racket. It does have decent performance but we recommend you invest in a better racket for the long run as if you are in any way serious about table tennis this racket won’t last you long. Some people who bought this racket kept it for a month before investing in a better performance racket.

Other Options

The Stiga Apex is really just a cheap racket for people who will play table tennis a couple of times a year.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket Review Image

We recommend you have a look at the Palio series as they have great rackets. The Palio Expert 2 is the best starter racket out there with better performance than the Stiga Apex. Sure it is about double the price but you won’t need to get a replacement racket for a while if you invest in it.


You can buy the Stiga Apex from Amazon.

Or why don’t you check out our favorite table tennis rackets, the Palio Expert 2, Master 2 and Legend 2!

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