Paddle Palace Table Top Pro Table Tennis Robot Review

The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro table tennis robot is a brilliant robot that is simple to use and suitable for all levels of players. Here is our review.

Paddle Palace Table Top Pro Table Tennis Robot Review

“Paddle Palace” is one of the largest US retailers of table tennis equipment. If you recognize the range of Paddle Palace robots on offer that is because they are actually rebranded Y&T robots from China. The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is also known as the Y&T V-981.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro table tennis robot…

The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is a tabletop robot that is able to deliver every spin (except float/no spin) and can place the ball to one spot or alternate between forehand and backhand. The remote control gives the player control over the speed and frequency of ball delivery.

The following description comes directly from Paddle Palace

The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is an affordable and quality table tennis robot that delivers strong and consistent topspin, underspin, and sidespin shots. It is simple to use and is jam free. The frequency and speed of the shots are controlled by convenient robot controls on the player’s side of the table. It can be set to hit to one spot on the table, and it also has multiple oscillation options, both controlled and random. It can be set to shoot serves or rally shots. It can be placed on any location on the table, or it can be set on a stand behind the table (stand not included). A ball collection net is available for an extra charge. The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is the easiest robot to set up and use that we have ever seen!

And here’s a video of Welsh player and coach Ryan Jenkins demonstrating the features of the Practice Partner 20 robot – another Y&T V-981 clone, which is identical to the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro.

This is a basic table tennis robot that is aimed at new players looking to use a robot for developing simple stroke technique.


As I mentioned earlier, the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro table tennis robot is identical to the Y&T V-981 robot. Paddle Palace have simply rebranded the Y&T robot for the US market. Therefore, the review below is copied directly from our Y&T V-981 review…

The Y&T V-981 table tennis robot is small but quite heavy and very sturdy. It is made of metal (not plastic). This makes it very durable/long-lasting and also allows it to produce a strong amount of speed and spin on the balls it shoots out. Some other tabletop robots are a lot more lightweight and flimsy.

All Y&T robots come with the easy to use rotating spin head. This makes it easy to choose between one of eight different types of spin by simply twisting the mechanism on the front of the robot. I like this way of selecting the spin as it can be changed really easily.

One great bonus to this robot being able to sit on the table is that it means it can deliver balls from lots of different positions. Most robots are fixed and can only shoot out balls from the center of the table. With the V-981 you can place the robot close to the net or right in the corner of the table.

Another great feature of the Y&T V-981 is the ability to practice receiving serves from it. You can angle the robot down so that it shoots the ball into its own side of the table. This is a really cool feature and it’s easy to position the robot and set the spin so that it is identical to receiving serves from the training partner.

Finally, I’m pleased to say that the Y&T V-981 table tennis robot works well with both the old celluloid 40mm balls and the new plastic 40+ ones. For a while, I know a lot of players were worried that the new balls wouldn’t work in their robots due to the small increase in size – but they do. You can read our ball reviews here.


You can buy the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro in the US from Megaspin.

  • The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro retails for $499.95 – which is the same as the V-981.

Or why not check out our favourite table tennis robot, the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050. The Robo-Pong 2050 is the top-of-the-range robot from US company Newgy. It is very reasonably priced and can do everything you might want from a table tennis robot.

  • Available for £650. It is imported from the USA.
  • Much better value at $749 (roughly £500).
  • Available for €890.00, with free shipping worldwide.

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Have you used the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro robot yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.