New Table Tennis Rubbers for April 2016 (LARC 2016A)

Every six months the ITTF produces a new LARC (List of Authorised Racket Coverings). Only table tennis rubbers listed in the LARC can be used by players in tournaments.

Here are the rubbers that have been given ITTF approval starting April 1st, 2016. In total, 53 new rubbers have been added.

  • Andro Rasant Chaos (Long)
  • Andro GTT (In)
  • Andro Good (In)
  • Butterfly Impartial XS (Out)
  • Butterfly  Impartial XB (Out)
  • Der-Materialspezialist Hellcat (Out)
  • Der-Materialspezialist Rebellion (Long)
  • Der-Materialspezialist Diabolic (Anti)
  • Derwind Stolz (In)
  • Derwind Rayhe (In)
  • Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo (In)
  • Donic Bluefire Big Slam (In)
  • Donic Desto F4 (In)
  • Donic Slice 40/CD (In)
  • Dr Neubauer Power Attack (Anti)
  • Dr Neubauer Viper Soft (Long)
  • Dr Neubauer Aggressor (Out)
  • Dr Neubauer Bison (Anti)
  • Eakent Eiwaz (In)
  • Eakent Rad (In)
  • Gewo Proton Neo (In)
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro (In)
  • Joola Samba Tech (In)
  • Juic Gekitetsu (In)
  • KTL Torrent (In)
  • Loki T III (In)
  • Mizuno TH-0.35 (In)
  • Mizuno GF Pro (In)
  • Mizuno Q3 (In)
  • Mizuno Q4 (In)
  • Nittaku Do Knuckle (Out)
  • Nittaku Super Do Knuckle (Out)
  • Red and Black X35 (In)
  • Soulspin Project Sixteen (In)
  • Soulspin Project Sixteen ST (In)
  • Spinlord Sandwind (Anti)
  • Stiga Mantra S (In)
  • Stiga Mantra M (In)
  • Stiga Mantra H (In)
  • Stiga Structure (Out)
  • Stiga Sculpture (Long)
  • Synectics Stormaxe (In)
  • Synectics Tachyon (In)
  • Three Sword Red Dragon (In)
  • Three Sword Zeus (Long)
  • Tibhar Evolution EL-S (In)
  • Tibhar Evolution FX-S (In)
  • TSP Gambit (In)
  • Tuttle 55A (In)
  • Tuttle 66B (In)
  • Tuttle South Pole (In)
  • Tuttle North Pole (In)
  • Yulu Sports Jadedeer III (In)

There are quite a few big name releases in this list. I’m particularly excited to try the Stiga Mantra series of rubbers. Stiga added the Genesis rubbers to the LARC back in October 2015, and these are yet to be released also. So we’ll have five new Stiga rubbers in 2016!

I have been a big fan of the Tibhar Evolution rubbers for a while now – I particular like MX-P. Tibhar have two new ones coming out in 2016, EL-S and FX-S. During the English National Championships a couple of weeks ago I noticed that Paul Drinkhall had FX-S advertising on his shirt. I wonder if he will be transitioning to these rubbers from MX-P?

There are quite a few new brands added to the list this time around. These include; Derwind, Eakent, Loki, Red and Black, Soulspin, Synectics, and Yulu Sports. It will be interesting to see if any of these take off in a big way. I know that Eakent, Red and Black, and Soulspin are already known for producing blades.

Donic have four new rubbers out. Haven’t got any information on these yet. It will be interesting to see how Bluefire Big Slam compares to previous Bluefire models.

The only other rubbers that really interest me are the new ones from Gewo and Mizuno. I’ve never used Gewo or Mizuno rubbers before but I’ve heard good things.

The prize for the best name goes to Mizuno TH-0.35 – I’m joking! There’s an almost unbelievable number of awful names here. Tuttle must be on something. Seriously! I have no idea what Nittaku are thinking with “Do Knuckle” and “Super Do Knuckle”. Even Andro have let me down with “Good”. Never mind, there’s always next list…