Kingnik 40+ 3-Star Table Tennis Ball Review

Kingnik is a trading name of Shanghai Minkow Co. – the company that produces the Chinese seamless balls for Xushaofa. That means the Kingnik 40+ balls are exactly the same as all the other seamless plastic 3-star table tennis balls.

Kingnik 40+ Table Tennis Ball Review

“Kingnik” is a rather strange brand name. I asked them why they chose it and they pointed out that it is the word “king” spelt forwards and backwards. There’s a fun fact for you!


Kingnik have two versions of their 3-star ball; the standard version and a premium version. They both look exactly the same but the premium balls are better quality as they have been, according to Shanghai Minkow, “carefully selected by our experienced workers”.

I think that means that after all the balls have been produced the roundest ones, that are closest to the center of the ITTF requirements for ball size and weight, are collected together and called “premium”. The other balls become the standard ones.

In an ideal world, I guess the “premium” ball quality would be universal across all balls, and any balls failing to reach the “premium” standard would be thrown out. However, with the balls in their current state, I don’t think that is a financially viable option for any business. They’d be throwing away the majority of their balls!


We haven’t managed to do a full review of the Kingnik 40+ 3-Star table tennis ball yet. It is our intention to film a video comparing all five of the new plastic balls and giving our opinions on which is the best table tennis ball.

However, all of us (Ben Paddy and Dan) have used the Kingnik 40+ seamless ball in training over the last year and really enjoyed it. The Kingnik 40+ ball, like all the other seamless balls available, is quite heavy and hard when compared to the old celluloid balls. This is good and bad. It means the ball is more durable and feels quite good to hit (nobody likes playing with a soft ball). But it also means it takes more effort to get the ball over the net, especially when trying to play with heavy spin, for example, when looping a backspin ball.

At present, and before any extensive testing/reviewing, we would have to say that it is our second favourite out of the new plastic balls. One of the Chinese seamless balls is much more likely to be hard, durable and round than the Chinese seamed balls that are produced by DHS and Double Fish. The Nittaku Premium balls are our favourites, though. They are just slightly higher quality – but a lot more expensive.

As with most of the new plastic balls, though, it is suited very much to the aggressive attacking player who likes to use power, stay close to the table, and end points quickly. These balls will only make life more difficult for defenders and allround players.

The Xushaofa ball is the most popular seamless table tennis ball. As all the seamless balls are the same (just with different logos) you can learn a little more about the Kingnik 40+ ball by watching this video review…

Here are some reviews from…

One of the best balls I have seen. Very hard feel to them, and high bounce. Sound is not that much different from regular celluloid balls. They retain a new feel for a long time. These balls do not become overly smooth over time. To me, there are similar to a regular celluloid 3-star.

One of the best poly balls. Little difference from the celluloid balls. More hard, slow and more weight than the celluloid balls. Ideal for ‘close to the table’ players, because it wobbles in the air over long distance. Not bad durability, as well.

I bought this ball 3 months ago (a pack of 3) and till now I am playing with the second ball. I usually break a ball in 10-15 days. But this ball lasted a long. These balls are bit softer that Butterfly G40+ but more consistent, every time they are round and if you are searching for a very fast and durable ball go for this. You will not regret.

I’m looking forward to seeing the full review of the Kingnik 40+ ball. However, while we’re waiting for that, I think it is safe to agree that the Kingnik is a very good 40+ plastic ball, especially when you consider how much cheaper it is compared to the Nittaku Premium.


You can buy Kingnik 40+ 3-star balls from;

  • A pack of 6 balls costs €9.00 (€1.50 per ball)
  • (US): A pack of 6 balls costs $10.80 ($1.80 per ball)
  • A pack of 6 balls costs $12.99 ($2.17 per ball)
  • A pack of 6 balls costs £4.95 (£0.83 per ball)

Or why not check out our favourite 40+ plastic ball, the Nittaku Premium!

  • A pack of 3 balls costs €7.50 (€2.50 per ball)
  • (US): A pack of 6 balls costs $17.50 ($2.92 per ball)
  • A pack of 6 balls costs $19.99 ($3.33 per ball)
  • A pack of 3 balls costs £6.98 (£2.33 per ball)
  • A pack of 3 balls costs $7.49 ($2.50 per ball)
  • A pack of 3 balls costs £6.50 (£2.17 per ball)

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Have you used the Kingnik 40+ ball yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.