EastPoint Sports 3.0 Table Tennis Racket Review

The EastPoint Sports 3.0 table tennis racket is something you would come across if you are looking to get a lot of rackets for the office or a school.

EastPoint Sports 3.0

EastPoint Sports 3.0

The EastPoint Sports 3.0 sells on Amazon.com for $4.10. This puts it on the very cheap side of premade rackets and affordable to buy in numbers. It is made for the casual player and not for training or improving your game.

The review


“Up your table tennis skills with the EastPoint Sports 3.0 Table Tennis Paddle! This paddle is great as an upgrade or replacement paddle for competitive or casual play. It features a high-tack rubber facing for outstanding spin and speed of the ball. You’ll be serving and spiking better than the competition! The sponge backing enables harder striking and offers superior control so that you can maintain your edge during the match. The black color of the facing is subtle yet stylish and is suitable for any table tennis environment.” – EastPoint Sports

Our Opinion

The EastPoint Sports 3.0 is not a well known racket and here is why – the racket has no quality to it. It performs for a casual racket but anything other than that you have a piece of wood with two rubbers stuck to it.

Here are a few things customers on Amazon.com had to say…

“After only 10 weeks of rare to intermittent use, the paddles disintegrated. The large flat panel is comprised of many sheets of thin wood and they delaminated. There is no residual structure to the paddle.”


“The rubber padding started peeling off these a few days after we got them.”


“Return window is one month. It’s exactly what it takes for it to get bad!”

We feel that the EastPoint Sports 3.0 could be a backup racket to your backup racket. We would not recommend it to anyone.


The EastPoint Sports 3.0 is really just a cheap racket for casual players and won’t last you that long. What can you expect for $4.00.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket Review Image

We recommend you have a look at the Palio series as they have great rackets. The Palio Expert 2 is the best starter racket out there! Sure it is quite a ways more than the EastPoint Sports 3.0 but in return for you investment you get a quality racket that will last.


You can buy the EastPoint Sports 3.0 from Amazon.

Or why don’t you check out our favorite table tennis rackets, the Palio Expert 2, Master 2 and Legend 2!

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Have you used the EastPoint Sports 3.0 racket yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.

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