DHS A1002 Table Tennis Racket Review

The DHS A1002 is the cheapest table tennis racket produced by DHS and part of their premade series. DHS is the most well-known and established table tennis brand in China. They usually produce very high-quality equipment. Here is our full review of the racket.

DHS A1002 Table Tennis Racket Review


At €9.90, this is a very cheap table tennis bat. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is good value. Let’s look at the rubbers and blade used for the DHS A1002 racket to work out if it is any good.

DHS A1002

Here’s everything you need to know about the DHS A1002 table tennis racket…

The rubbers used on the bat are the ITTF approved DHS 6512. These are very cheap rubbers that are only used on the lowest quality DHS premade rackets. I guess they are fine is you are looking for something very basic but don’t expect to get much speed or spin from these.

The DHS 1-Star blade used on this racket is very poor quality when compared to proper table tennis blades. This is only suitable for the recreational player. Avoid if you are looking to learn to play table tennis.


Considering the DHS A1002 is so cheap, it probably is the best racket you can find for such little money. However, that doesn’t mean I would suggest buying it. I believe if you want a decent table tennis racket you need to be prepared to spend a fair amount of money.

Personally, I don’t rate the DHS 6512 rubber at all. It isn’t going to help you learn to spin the ball correctly and develop the basic strokes. It is only fine if you want to play for fun and tap the ball over the net. And the 1-Star blade is really disappointing. This racket is clearly aimed at people who have no understanding of table tennis.

Some of the other DHS rackets have much better rubbers and higher quality blades. They also aren’t that much more expensive. You should have a look at those before buying the DHS A1002.


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If you are thinking about buying a DHS A1002 table tennis racket I would personally recommend paying a little bit more and going for the Palio Expert 2 instead. The Palio CJ8000 rubbers used on this racket are a million times better than the DHS 6512 used on the A1002.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket Review Image

The wooden Palio Expert 2 blade is also much better quality and more similar to the professional blades you can buy individually. If you were to compare the DHS A1002 to the Palio Expert 2 side-by-side you would immediately be able to notice the difference between the two rackets. The Palio Expert 2 simply feels a lot better to play with.


You can buy the DHS A1002 table tennis racket from Tabletennis11.com – although, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Have you used the DHS A1002 racket yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.