Cornilleau Excell 2000 Table Tennis Racket Review

The Cornilleau Excell 2000 is a more direction oriented than spin oriented bat. Should you consider getting one? In this review, we will give you our opinion on it and let you know of any better options.

Cornilleau Excell 2000

Cornilleau Excell 2000

The Cornilleau Excell 2000 sells on for £32.90. This puts it on the cheaper end of pre-made bats.

The Review


“The Excell 2000 Carbon PHS Performa 2 Table Tennis Bat integrates the Performa 2 rubber, 1.8mm sponge and a 5 plywood blade and features the Perforated Handle System (PHS) resulting in better energy transfer during the game. The concave handle of the bat together with the Efficient Curve top-sheet provide exceptional grip, while the Aero soft technology offers increased shock absorption. More explosive power is provided by the Carbon technology, whereas the Dynacell sponge delivers energy and sound. The Excell 2000 bat ensures enhanced stability due to the Opti feel technology and is ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved.” – Words from the Manufacturer.

The Bat is rated as follows: Spin 9, Speed 9, Control 6. It weighs approximately 155 grams.

Our Opinion

We find the Cornilleau Excell 2000 is less responsive to spin, both giving and receiving and the rubbers have a stiffer feel. The 1.8mm sponge is to blame for this. The bat suits a player who prefers a straighter approach to delivery with more emphasis upon directional play rather than relying more on spin. It is also a better defense against an opponent’s spin for the same reasons.

With the difficulty generating spin on the Cornilleau Excell 2000 we would recommend it more to beginner players than experienced ones. It is good for learning the basics and building a good foundation of table tennis experience and technique.

In conclusion, the Cornilleau Excell 2000 preference should be based on the use and knowledge of spin as a giver and receiver. For someone who likes to move the ball around accurately, it is a solid choice. For someone who relies on spin, it isn’t the best option.

Other Options

The Cornilleau Excell 2000 is a great choice for beginners who like to move their opponent around while being able to receive spin. With spin low on the scale for the bat we would recommend getting a better balanced one to engage in all training and to grow your skill set.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket Review Image

Instead, we recommend getting the Palio Expert 2. It is our favorite beginner racket and will provide you more playing time as you advance while not having to swap rackets. Have a look at our review here.


You can buy the Cornilleau Excell 2000 from

  • The Cornilleau Excell 2000 is £32.90(roughly $40.00)

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Have you used the Cornilleau Excell 2000 bat yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.

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