Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

If you are in the market for a decent table and have some extra space to store it you might have come across the Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table sold on Amazon.com for $470.99.

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis TableIn this post, we will be reviewing the Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table, weighing up the pros and cons of buying one and making a few other suggestions. It is our hope that after reading this, you will find it much easier to decide whether this table is right for you.

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Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table

In this review, we will be looking at the following factors…

  1. Features
  2. Price
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Recommendations
  5. The Final Word

1. Features

The Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table features a 5/8 inch (19mm) table top, 1 and 1/2 inch steel railing (table top guard), 1 inch steel legs and four 5 inch ball bearing caster wheels. The table weighs about 190 pounds. Stored dimensions of the table are 73.5 inches high and 24.5 inches wide. It has a playback feature (meaning you can put half of the table up to hit against – if you want to).

19mm Table Top

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis TableThe Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table has a great thickness to it. 19mm gives you a great bounce and playing on the table does not feel that slow at all. The top is protected by a heavy duty steel guard rail system that makes the table feel like it can last a while with you.

Ben talk’s a lot more about the importance of table thickness in his comprehensive article The Best Table Tennis Tables but, in short, competition tables are 25mm thick and you really need a table to be 19mm thick in order to get a “decent” bounce.

If you are just looking for a table to use for a bit of fun, recreational table tennis, and maybe a bit of training here and there, then getting the Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table would be a good choice. However, if you are used to playing on “proper” tables, or planning on learning how to play table tennis at a club or perhaps playing competitively then it might not be for you.


Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis TableWe found that the Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table has a very outdated design. Its legs are only 1 inch thick and are made of heavy steel. The folding system allows the net to stay attached to the table but in turn makes the table a lot bigger when folded up – taking up a lot more space than necessary. It also takes AGES to set up as there are a million parts on it.

It may be lacking in extra features and bells and whistles, but it delivers on the basics. The table may be very difficult to assemble, but once assembled it’s a good indoor table that should offer years of enjoyment for any entry level or recreational player.

2. Price

The Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table will only set you back $470.99 on Amazon.com. It is a great priced table, by all means. The downside to this great price is the outdated design which should not affect the choice of entry level or recreational players. HOWEVER we would not recommend this table to anyone, really.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The reviews on Amazon.com have not been that good for this table. Here are some of the comments we read…

“After I received the item, Installation process is also painful. Some holes don’t match at all, you need to try very hard to align them together.”


“I have always wanted a Butterfly table but could not afford the prices for a premium table. This was a good compromise.”


“Purchased almost a year ago. Table is solid. Net is very good. Folds up and slides around easily. Just a little work putting it together.”

4. Recommendations

Is this table right for you?

We honestly would not recommend this table to you. It is outdated, hard to move around, takes up lots of storage and a pain to set up. Butterfly do make great tables, but this one at this date is just not worth it.

Instead of the Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table we highly recommend the Stiga Advantage. It is the best value for money table under $400! Being one of the best sellers on Amazon.com we would recommend it to any recreational or entry level player.

5. Final Word

The Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table was a great table, years ago… It still is a decent table, just not one we would recommend to anyone.

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