Butterfly G40+ 3-Star Table Tennis Ball Review

The Butterfly G40+ 3-Star table tennis ball was released in late 2015 with a lot of hype. It was the first plastic table tennis ball to be manufactured outside of Asia, and Butterfly claimed to have created the roundest and most durable ball.

Understandably, a lot of table tennis players were very excited. The Chinese plastic balls had experienced some serious problems with durability and shape. They were breaking left, right, and center, and plenty were coming out egg-shaped. If the Butterfly G40+ was significantly better it could completely take over the market.


Before we get started with the review, here’s some promotional material from Butterfly. Their promo video (above) is pretty cool! They also got Timo Boll (who is sponsored by Butterfly) to “convincingly” tell the camera that the new Butterfly G40+ ball is the best.

I’ve watched the Timo video a few times and this is what I’ve picked up on…

  1. He starts off very strong saying the G40+ is a “new level” and “higher quality” compared to other plastic balls. I’m assuming he is referring to the DHS and Double Fish balls here, and he is nodding and appears to believe what he is saying.
  2. Then, at 0:30, he says, “You could feel it directly. Your topspins get much stronger.” He begins shaking his head during this section, suggesting he doesn’t really believe what he is saying. It would appear he’s not sure about the spin on the ball and perhaps doesn’t even like playing with it that much in general.
  3. He goes on to talking about the durability and how the G40+ is much stronger and less likely to break, which is good for everyone. I would say this appears to be true and he believes what he is saying.
  4. Then, at 1:05, Timo says, “Of course I can recommend it, not only because I’m a Butterfly player, also because it’s really a better quality.” While saying this he is shaking his head and even shrugs his shoulders. He goes on to say, “It’s more fun to play” – while shaking his head vigorously.

My conclusion would be that Timo is not very comfortable recommending this ball and giving it his seal of approval. Even more so, he dislikes playing with the ball. Put all of this together, and shove a camera in his face, and it’s no wonder he is looking so nervous!


We haven’t managed to do a full review of the Butterfly G40+ 3-Star table tennis ball yet. It is our intention to film a video comparing all five of the new plastic balls and giving our opinions on which is the best table tennis ball.

In the meantime, here’s a video review produced by TableTennisDaily

And here are a couple of customer reviews from Megaspin.net

I like these 40+ balls, very durable and seem consistently round. I bought a dozen and only had one bad ball. Would highly recommend. My favorite is the Nittaku premium 40+ from Japan, but this is my next choice.

Only tried 3 of these so far. Very good in terms of playability, but not durability. Bounce drop test was almost identical, and then bounced for a bit longer than celluloid ball. Very hard and perfect roundness. Sound is the most distinctive from other balls – very high-pitched compared to others, including poly.

I’m looking forward to seeing Paddy and Dan’s review comparing all five plastic 3-star balls. I feel like that will give us a very good idea of which balls are the best.

I did speak to Dan O’Connell about the G40+ balls, as I know he has used them a lot during Welsh training camps. This is what he had to say of his first impressions…

We’ve had a few nightmares with the G40+ recently. The ones at the Welsh squad training were just all egg-shaped. I don’t know if they’re a bad bunch or what?

From that comment, I think we can agree that the Butterfly G40+ certainly isn’t as brilliant as Butterfly would have you believe. Keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed review from us in the very near future.


You can buy Butterfly G40+ 3-Star balls from;

Or why not check out our favourite 40+ plastic ball, the Nittaku Premium!

  • Tabletennis11.com: A pack of 3 balls costs €7.50 (€2.50 per ball)
  • Megaspin.net (US): A pack of 6 balls costs $17.50 ($2.92 per ball)
  • eBay.com: A pack of 3 balls costs $7.49 ($2.50 per ball)
  • eBay.co.uk: A pack of 3 balls costs £6.50 (£2.17 per ball)

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Have you used the Butterfly G40+ ball yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.