Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table Review

If you are in the market for a top of the line ITTF approved tournament table you might have come across the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table sold on Amazon.com for $1,071.38. It is one of our favorite tournament tables out there!

Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis TableIn this post, we will be reviewing the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table, weighing up the pros and cons of buying one and making a few other suggestions. It is our hope that after reading this, you will find it much easier to decide whether this table is right for you.

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Butterfly Europa 25 Table

In this review, we will be looking at the following factors…

  1. Features
  2. Price
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Recommendations
  5. The Final Word

1. Features

The Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table features a 1 inch (25mm) playing surface, 5-inch wheels, 2-inch square steel legs for optimum stability and 2 by 3/4 inch steel railing. The table weighs a hefty 270 pounds and Butterfly swears on its quality by giving you a 5-year warranty.

Being the behemoth table you see it is also the most compact when stored. Taking up only 6 inches of depth the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table is an ITTF tournament approved table that you can store anywhere.

25mm Table Top – Tournament Ready

Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table

It’s hard to find a better tournament table tennis table on the market. The Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table provides competition-ready play around the clock. Being 25mm thick the table top gives you the perfect bounce with the consistency we all desire. If you are serious at all about table tennis you will enjoy this table, hands down.

Ben talk’s a lot more about the importance of table thickness in his comprehensive article The Best Table Tennis Tables but, in short, competition tables are 25mm thick and you really need a table to be 19mm thick in order to get a “decent” bounce.

If you are looking for a table to use for serious training and an authentic table tennis experience, then getting the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table would be a really great choice. However, if you are just looking for some fun and recreational play, or planning on getting a cheap table for family gatherings, then the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table might not be for you.

Spartan Undercarriage

Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table leans towards practicality and play-ability over design, which is what most of us look for in a table. It’s spartan like simplistic design gives you a table that will last you years, if not decades.

The 2-inch square steel legs easily support the weight of the table while locking it into place. The weight of the setup doesn’t budge once put together and easily goes from storage to play in under 5 minutes! And the 6-inch depth of storage space takes up is the best design feature we can point out.

Having an ITTF tournament table AND being able to store it like a compact table is a must have feature.


Butterfly Centerfold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis TableAs we all know, the net makes the table. Having a professional grade table with a rubbish net will never make anyone happy and affect play greatly. Thankfully, this table comes with Butterfly’s Europa net.

The posts are held in place by screw-on clamps with felt tips to prevent scratching the table. The net has a ring chain to adjust the tension. You want it just tight enough so it stands nicely upright.

Butterfly sells the net separately for about $90.00 and we are very happy they have included such a high-quality net with their beautiful table.

2. Price

Being a tournament ready table you would expect the price tag to be high up there, with lots of 0’s. The Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table is sold on Amazon.com for $1,071.38. It is on the more expensive side of tables, we agree.

But if you are looking to invest a table that could arguably last you a lifetime the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table would be one our top ones.

3. Customer Satisfaction

We have only read good news about the table. Here are some comments from customers who bought it…

“Amazing quality build, Unfold the legs, attach the high quality net and find an opponent…two minutes before we were playing.”


“Like the Centrefold 25, a great and consistent table.”


“Thought about the investment, and made it. Will not look back on this decision EVER!”

4. Recommendations

Is this table right for you?

If you are looking for a professional tournament-grade table…

Buy the Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table! We could not recommend getting a better grade table for a fraction of the price of other professional tables.

If you want a table for recreational play…

This table might not be for you. If you have the extra money we highly recommend it but, with a price of $1,071.38, it might be a bit much.

For recreational play, the Stiga Advantage would be a good choice. It is the best value table tennis table available for under $400.

5. The Final Word

The Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table is built for professional and competition use. If you want a table that the pros play on and are willing to invest into it, it is for you.

Not sure if this table is the right one for you? No problem! You can check out all of our other table tennis table reviews here.

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