There are only five manufacturers of the new 40+ plastic table tennis balls; Minkow (Xushaofa), DHS, Double Fish, Nittaku, and Weener (Butterfly). That makes choosing a ball much easier. On this page are links to all of our table tennis ball reviews, sorted by manufacturer.

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The new plastic seamless table tennis balls have been the most popular by far. Xushaofa is probably the brand that you have encountered most often but all seamless balls are the same and produced by the Shanghai Minkow factory in China. The quality of these balls is improving over time. Therefore, our advice is to try and get balls from the latest batches.

The following 14 plastic seamless 3-star table tennis balls are all identical to the Kingnik or Xushaofa balls – just with different brand logos stamped on them. Buy them if you like, but unless they are on special offer the Kingnik balls should always be the cheapest – as they come direct from the factory.

Seamless 40+ training balls are also on sale. There are only two grades of training ball available. Some brands chose to only use one (and it’s up to you to guess whether they went for the better ones or the cheaper ones). Other brands offer both training balls.

  • Kingnik 40+ 1-Star
  • Kingnik 40+ Super Training
  • Xushaofa 40+ Club Ball
  • Xushaofa 40+ Premium Training


  • DHS 40+ 3-Star
  • Double Fish 40+ 3-Star

The following 20 balls are produced in China by either DHS or Double Fish. Both companies have their own factories and work with other brands to create all of the seamed plastic table tennis balls. I don’t believe it is common knowledge which brands use DHS and which use Double Fish.

  • 729 PS 40+ 3-Star
  • Andro 40+ 3-Star
  • Butterfly 40+ 3-Star
  • ChenVul Maruara 40+ 3-Star
  • Cornilleau P-Ball 40+ 3-Star
  • Donic 40+ 3-Star
  • Gewo Ultra P 40+ 3-Star
  • Giant Dragon 40+ 3-Star
  • Joola Super-P 40+ 3-Star
  • Kinson 40+ 3-Star
  • Komann 40+ 3-Star
  • Nittaku SHA 40+ 3-Star
  • Peace 40+ 3-Star
  • Stiga Optimum 40+ 3-Star
  • Sunflex 40+ 3-Star
  • Tibhar SYNTT 40+ 3-Star
  • TSP 40+ 3-Star
  • Xiom Pro Select 40+ 3-Star
  • Yasaka 40+ 3-Star

The DHS D40+ 3-Star ball is made in the same factory as the original DHS ball but uses a new type of plastic. They are trying to improve the durability and roundness by changing the plastic formula. We can expect more of these “new” plastic balls in the future.

  • DHS D40+ 3-Star
  • Double Fish DF 40+ 3-Star

Training balls

  • DHS
  • Double Fish


Nittaku have their own factory in Japan and are therefore the only brand to produce Japanese plastic table tennis balls. The Nittaku Premium is widely considered to be the best of the new plastic 3-star balls, but it is also a lot more expensive than the others. The Nittaku Superior is a brilliant training ball.

  • Nittaku Premium 40+ 3-Star – Our favourite 40+ plastic ball.
  • Nittaku Superior 40+ 2-Star – Nittaku’s high-quality 40+ training ball.


The following balls are produced in Germany by Weener Plastik GmbH. They were first released towards the end of 2015. The Butterfly G40+ 3-star ball is the most well-known. The TriBax 40+ 3-star ball is sold by Weener as their in-house brand. Butterfly have also released the German-made “Master Quality G40+” training ball.